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Borrowdale comes from free range farms that were born from a desire to raise pigs in a stress free environment with a focus on animal welfare practices.


The outdoor environment is an ideal place for pigs to display their natural behaviours. Pigs have unfettered access to the outdoors but are still able to shelter from the elements in straw filled huts. As well as foraging, the pigs are provided with a grain-based diet.


Borrowdale was founded on the basis of caring for people, caring for animals, and caring for the land. This underpins our long-term relationships with neighbouring farmers. It’s why we’re champions for APIQ certified free range pig farming and why our products are carbon neutral.

Becoming 100% Carbon Neutral means Borrowdale takes responsibility for our footprint and our carbon emissions – from animals roaming in grassy paddocks to delivering products over the ‘final mile’ to stores and every product we produce. Borrowdale uses the International Gold Standard Certification of verifiable carbon credits as prescribed under the Kyoto Protocol.


Borrowdale pigs can express their natural behaviours in an environment that meets their physical and behavioural needs.

Borrowdale pigs are bred and raised without confinement, free of sow stalls and farrowing crates. Our pigs can socialise and interact with other pigs. In short, Borrowdale pigs are raised in such a naturally high animal welfare environment and can do the things pigs like to do. That makes for perfectly natural pork.


At Borrowdale we don’t just care for our animals, we care for the land as well.

We rotate paddocks every three years to ensure the land is rested and to avoid the build-up of nutrients which may compromise the water table. Our neighbours crop and farm the land for six years before we return our pigs to that site.