The Borrowdale Journey – BayLeaf Cafe Byron Bay

Hi! I’m Adam Hilt, head chef at the Bay Leaf Café in Byron Bay. Detailed below is my experience with using Borrowdale’s organic free range pork products and how my customers love them.


Using Borrowdale’s Organic Free Range Pork

I enjoy cooking with pork. It’s just so versatile. There are just so many cuts you can use. We have bacon… who doesn’t love bacon? And we’ve got the fatty cuts, the slow cooking, roasting, pulling porks, things like that.

We have a pork bun that’s been an old favourite. That’s the one we use the pulled pork for. It’s just really some marinated pork cutlet that I serve in a coconut charcoal semi-brioche bun layered burger style. So it’s like a black bun, a beautiful cutlet of pork in there. We have a soy mayonnaise, just some bright pickles… It’s really nice.

Get the Right Amount of Fat

The thing I need from pork to make a great dish, generally, is the fat content. You want the right amount of fat melting into the meat. It softens it, especially on the harsher cuts. It really just adds a lot of flavour. Most of the flavour is coming from there.

The Source Is Important

The providence of the pork is really important to me. I really like to know what farm my animals come from. I like to know that they’ve been treated well. They’ve got to have a good life. You can taste the difference. The animals that’s come through to me, free range tend to have a fuller flavour.

Customers’ Feedback on Borrowdale’s Organic Free Range Pork

The feedback we get from customers about the Borrowdale Pork is amazing! They come in, especially after we’ve slow roasted this pork for 12 hours, we pull it out the oven during service, we take the lid off, and just the smell that fills the café, everyone is like, “What is that?” And then, sales just go through the roof.

I Made the Switch

I made the switch to Borrowdale Pork about three years ago. The flavour is great. It’s just what I need here at the café. The locals love it. What more can I say?

Are you running your own restaurant and find it difficult to acquire crazy customers? Try changing your meat source into Borrowdale’s organic free range meat products and see the difference. Here’s a list of recipes you can make with them.