How to Cook Pork Cutlets with Cabbage Salad and Romesco Sauce

Pete Evans shows how to cook Pork Cutlets with Cabbage Salad and Romesco Sauce. It’s so east you just have to give it a shot.


How to Cook Pork Cutlets with Cabbage Salad and Romesco Sauce

I think everybody loves a pork cutlet, and we’ve got some beautiful pork cutlets here. Borrowdale free ranged pork. Probably the best pork in the country to use, in my humble opinion, and it cooks up so beautifully well. What I love about this dish is we’re going to serve it with a lovely little slaw. Not a mayonnaise based one, but just an apple cider vinegar and olive oil based cabbage slaw, but we’re going to serve it with probably the best sauce you can ever make, and we’re going to show you how to make that too.

First off, let’s get this pork happening in the pan. I’ve got a nice pan here that I’m heating up. Got three pork cutlets here, and to them we’re going to add a little seasoning. So, some good quality salt, and some pepper. Have a look at the quality of that meat. If you wanted to you could put a little bit of paprika on here, maybe some ground fennel seeds, or coriander seeds, but I want to keep it really simple, because I’m going to get the excitement into the sauce over here.

We have a little bit of beef tallow or pork lard here. You could use coconut oil. Into the pan with these pork cutlets, salt and pepper side down. Then a little bit more salt on the other side, and also a little bit of pepper. With the pork we want to cook it so it’s not medium, so it’s not pink, not raw, but not overcooked, because if you overcook it what’s going to happen is it’s going to become very, very tough and very, very dry.

The great thing about Borrowdale pork is there’s no moisture infusion, so what you’re getting is the real flavour of that wonderfully raised pig. You can check out the website to see where the pigs are raised, and how they’re farmed. It’s a great story, check it out.

We’re serving these beautiful pork cutlets with the sauce I mentioned. Which is a romesco sauce.

The romesco sauce is here. I’m going to show you what that looks like. It’s a wonderful Spanish sauce. Now to make it all you need to do is roast the following ingredients, and you can put it all on the tray at once. It’s really simple. The ingredients that we’ve got here are tomatoes, some capsicum, a chilli, some garlic. They all go into the oven at the same time. Half way through cooking throw in some hazelnuts and some almonds if you’d like, because that is what gives it the most beautiful flavour.

With the tomato and the pepper, you basically take off the blistered skin, and the garlic. Pop the garlic cloves out. Then put them into a food processor, or a blender, or a stick blender and whisk them all together with a little bit of salt, a little bit of pepper, some apple cider vinegar, and some extra virgin olive oil. This is what you have. The most delicious sauce called romesco. Fantastic with pork, pork belly, lamb, even some fish. It’s sensational with vegetables too.

Let’s have a look at this pork. Have a look at that. That is looking so good. There’s a little bit of a fat cap on the pork, as you can see there, so sometimes I just like to give that a little bit of a render. Just a minute or two. What I’m doing here is just rendering down that little fat cap that’s on there. It’ll make it a little bit crispy too. I’d say it’s similar to a little bit of crackling, but when you render down that fat you’re going to create so much flavour. You want to be able to eat that fat. That’s what I love about these types of cuts of meat, is that fattiness. All right. Put them on for a few more minutes to finish cooking.

While that is happening I’m going to get the slaw ready. We’ve got some cabbage here. Just slice the cabbage nice and fine. There we go. Into our bowl. I’ve got some Brussels sprouts as well we can use. I’m actually growing some of these Brussels sprouts in my garden at the moment. I’m looking forward to harvesting them. I’m serving this with a lovely little coleslaw, a salad, but you could serve it with some grilled broccolini if you like, or some roasted cauliflower. It’s really up to you.

Some almonds. We’re going to keep with that theme of the nuts from the romesco sauce. Some fresh herbs. We’ve got some mint. Absolutely beautiful in a coleslaw like this. I’m going to keep it quite chunky actually, because I want to be able to taste the mint. Some chervil, and a little bit of parsley. Smells so good. Into the bowl.

I’m going to pull those pork’s off now, just to let rest. Looking beautiful. There we go. Now to finish the salad, some apple cider vinegar for some acid, and good quality extra virgin olive oil, some salt, some pepper. If you wanted to make this coleslaw creamy a dollop of good quality mayonnaise, or some coconut yoghurt even. It’s absolutely delicious. Just a light mix. Beautiful.

We got our salad, we got our sauce, we got those beautiful pork chops. I’m going to start with the salad on the plate. I really love a fresh salad like this. Look at that, beautiful. A little bit of kraut on there as well. Really good for gut health. Sauerkraut, it works well with the cabbage in there as well.

We have our pork chop, and that is looking so good. Then some of that romesco sauce. Maybe some more mint leaves, I like that. There we have it. Pork chop, romesco sauce, fresh little salad. So easy, so delicious. You got to give it a shot.