How to Cook a Boneless Pork Leg

Pete Evans shows how to cook a boneless pork leg roast with spectacular crackling.  It’s perfect for a special occasion or just because you love roast pork.


How to Cook a Boneless Pork Leg Roast

I’m going to show you how to cook a beautiful boneless pork leg. We’re going to get a beautiful crackling. We’re going to get it nice and crispy and we’re going to serve it with roasted vegetables and apple sauce. It’s a family favourite and it’s so simple to make.

The first thing we do is just cut a couple of onions or any root vegetable to lay the pork on. So, into your oven tray, we pop the bed for the pork to sit on.

Look at that. Isn’t that beautiful? A nice layer of fat, skin through there.

Get the Skin Lovely and Crispy

So, the roasted pork, it is super simple. We’ve got the oven on about 240° to 250°. We’re going to pop this in for about 20 minutes and get that skin lovely and crispy.

Now, to do that, first off, we’ve got some hot, beautiful organic beef stock here which we’re going to pour over that skin. This helps to make it beautiful and crispy. Plus, it also gives the roast a little bit of liquid in there, so while it’s cooking for that period of time, it stays lovely and moist.

Add Some Quality Fat

Next, we’re going to add some good quality fat to the skin. We’ve got some beef tallow here—again, organic. Wonderful product! We’ll rub the beef tallow into the flesh like so. The fat is going to help it crisp up as well and give it a beautiful flavour.

We’re going to add some salt and any spices that you love to put with your pork. I’m going to keep this one nice and plain because we’re going to serve it with a wonderful little spiced applesauce number.

So, just the pork, the salt, the tallow, into the oven—hot, really hot—for about 20 minutes, so it’s lovely and crisp. And then, we’re going to turn it down to 180° and cook it for about an hour.

Make an Applesauce

So, we’re going to make a simple, little applesauce here to go with it—beautiful, green Granny Smith apples. Let’s take off the peel. We’re going to put the flesh of the apples into a pot with a touch of water. We’ve also got some cinnamon, some all spice, even some honey or some maple syrup just for a little bit of sweetness and that is about it!

And basically, we boil it up and then we mash it up as soon as it’s lovely and tender.

Just chop the apple into bite-sized pieces, so it cooks quickly and evenly. Add some cinnamon, a touch of all spice. So, we’ve got the apple, the cinnamon, some all spice, some water, a little bit of honey in there as well. We’re going to let that cook out for about five minutes and then, we’ll press it so it becomes a lovely sauce.

So, after about five minutes, the apples are going to be lovely and tender and then, we can just basically press it down to make the sauce, crush the apples. There we go.

You could add some fennel into your apple puree which is beautiful, maybe even some rhubarb or other types of fruits like pear. Just delicious!

And there we have the most beautiful roast pork. Look at that beautiful crackling… sensational!

Let It Sit for 20 to 30 Minutes

We’ll let that sit for about 20 to 30 minutes before we slice it.

Look how juicy and moist that pork is and look at how crisp that crackling is. This is what family cooking is all about. Serve that with a big tray of roasted vegetables or boiled vegetables or a big salad, the applesauce, some kraut or sauerkraut on the side… and that’s it! Family cooking at its finest.

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