Head Chef Josh Harris (Asana by Pete Evans) – Talks about Borrowdale Free Range Pork

Hi guys. My name is Josh Harris. I’m the head chef at Asana by Pete Evans here at the Capri by Fraser Hotel in Brisbane. Below is my full Borrowdale free range pork review and I hope it will help you.


Borrowdale Free Range Pork Review by Josh, at Asana by Pete Evans

Who doesn’t enjoy pork and cooking with it? Borrowdale Pork offers an amazing texture and flavour, beautiful and succulent. It gives the customers a great taste. And it also gives us a great product to work with as well in the kitchen.

At the moment, we’ve got an entree on the menu using Borrowdale Pork. We’re using the shoulder and we’re slow cooking that for about 14 to 16 hours. We are then serving that with a turmeric pancake with some local pan fried prawns from the Sunshine Coast and this beautiful, refreshing Asian herb salad.

Borrowdale Pork Belly

The main course we’ve got on the menu at the moment is Borrowdale Pork Belly, slow cooked sous vide style for about 12 hours. We serve that with smoked apple, a fermented kraut that we make on the side here, some black pudding, vanilla-braised parsnip, and just some devil sauce.

The Importance of Sourcing Good Products

To me, it’s very important that I know where my produce comes from. I think one of the main reasons that we chose to use Borrowdale Pork here is the life that the pigs live on the farm. For me, it’s important, the ethos behind the company that is producing such an amazing product. It’s paramount in the end result in terms of the flavour of the pork and what we as chefs put on the dish at the end of the day.

Borrowdale’s Organic Meat Products Are All Natural

Anything that’s not natural, obviously, has a tainted flavour and Borrowdale, without a doubt, has the best flavour of pork that I’ve had the pleasure of working with. And that’s because of the fact that it’s all natural.

There’s no hormones or moisture pumped into the meat. It’s reflective in terms of the texture and the flavour.

Customers love it! They come back time and time again for the same dish because of the quality of it. It’s exceptional!

I’d have pork breakfast, lunch and dinner every day if I could. It’s, without a doubt, the best product you can cook with and eat. It’s awesome!

If you also love cooking and would like to try Borrowdale free range pork for a recipe, contact us and we will help you find a stockist near you.