Borrowdale Free Range Pork is 100% Carbon Neutral

Borrowdale was founded on the basis of caring for people, caring for animals, and caring for the land. This underpins our long-term partnerships with family farmers. It also explains why we’re champions for APIQ certified free range pig farming.

Caring for the land means making sure that we’re doing everything that we can for the environment while we’re busy producing high quality APIQ certified free range pork. Borrowdale’s business relies on healthy natural countryside where animals can roam and exhibit natural behaviours. We want to do everything we can to ensure that the long-term natural patterns that have produced this landscape remain as they have always been, keeping it healthy and productive.

This led us to look closely at our carbon footprint and how we manage it.

Our business involves everything from animals roaming in grassy paddocks to delivering products over the ‘final mile’ to stores. By calculating our footprint for everything we do between farming and final delivery Borrowdale has undertaken the responsible challenge of knowing and managing the actual cost in carbon emissions.

Being Carbon Neutral means there is compensation for everything Borrowdale does that produces carbon emissions. Whatever we do between farming and delivering finished products is now compensated by something else that absorbs the same amount of carbon or more.

Every product is carbon neutral.

Becoming 100% Carbon Neutral allows Borrowdale to take responsibility for our footprint and our carbon emissions – across our entire business and every product we produce. Every product has a carbon footprint and we’ve chosen to ensure that it’s ‘neutralised’ by something that compensates for it.

The activities that compensate are called ‘carbon offsets’ or ‘carbon credits.’ A Carbon offset represents one Tonne of carbon dioxide equivalent Greenhouse gas that has been prevented from entering the atmosphere. These emissions are offset by a third party who reduces greenhouse gases on our behalf, through a Carbon Offset Project.

The Carbon Reduction Institute has comprehensively assessed our carbon credit provider to consider their accreditation; environmental additionality; financial additionality; leakage; permanence and additional social or economic benefits.

We source our carbon credits from projects that meet the above criteria. They are real, measurable, permanent, additional and independently verified. Borrowdale only uses the International Gold Standard Certification of verifiable carbon credits as prescribed under the Kyoto Protocol.


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